My SKU's don't match across my sales channels, is that a problem?

Cart's Multichannel Management is a SKU based system so if you want to have your quantities sync across marketplaces, you will want to have the SKU's match from Amazon to eBay to Walmart, etc. We understand that customers might have not established the same SKU's across their sales channels initially.

Some marketplaces do not require for SKU's to be provided. The most familiar sales channel is eBay. If you do not have a Custom Label on eBay then we will replace that SKU with the eBay Item ID (a series of numbers). 

You have two options available:

  1. Re-list your products on the sales channel with the appropriate SKU's
  2. Utilize our Bundling function in order to bundle your products on a one to one ratio. 

At this time Cart's Multichannel Management does not support  "Ghost SKU's" or "Alternative SKU's" however bundling is a very similar option. It is a good business practice to have your SKU's match across marketplaces however this could be a daunting task if you are just discovering this situation. 

For a complete walk through of Bundling, please watch these two videos: