Newegg Price update setting - Account Safeguard Setting

How this new setting interacts with Marketplace Management and our suggestion to turn this setting OFF

This is an article based on Newegg's latest setting, the "Account Safeguard Setting". This is Newegg's way of protecting their sellers from being negatively impacted from a automated robot process or phishing. 

Unfortunately this setting may impact specific price update circumstances for your integration with Marketplace Management. 

Based on your workflow and settings, regardless if you're using Marketplace Management to manage your prices outbound to Newegg, or if you're updating prices on Newegg directly, please be aware of Newegg's Account/Price Safeguard Setting.

This safeguard setting could prevent some price updates to potentially not be accepted by Newegg depending on how much your prices are changing by ($ or %).

We encourage you to check out Newegg's article about this setting and update the setting appropriately to either disable this setting, adjust the settings, or submit your price updates in smaller change increments at a time if you do plan on making changes with price differences greater than the setting allows.

Marketplace Management recommends that you turn this setting OFF if you have 100k+ SKU's and/or plan on updating your prices in large price increments.