Seller Fulfilled Prime and SellerActive

Seller Fulfilled Prime is a great tool to promote your visibility on Amazon. Amazon does not allow all users into this program but if you wish to learn more about this option please review Amazon's documentation here:

While engaged with this program you have to utilize Amazon's specified shipping options as opposed to your normal shipping options (USPS, Fedex, etc.). This will effect your workflow within SellerActive and when you are fulfilling orders.

All Seller Fulfilled Prime orders will import into SellerActive and will help keep your inventory count up to date. We will send these orders to our shipping partner Desktop Shipper and you will be able to select the Amazon shipping options through them. We will not send the orders to our other shipping solutions ShipStation or Shipworks due to partner restriction's.

If you currently have ShipStation or Shipworks, here is a suggested order workflow:

  1. SellerActive will import your orders and send the orders to Shipworks/Shipstation
  2. You will fulfill your orders directly within the shipping solution and complete your shipping process
  3. Once all non-Seller Fulfilled Prime orders are shipped, you can jump directly into Amazon and ship out the corresponding orders
  4. Once shipped on Amazon, that "Shipped" status will be sent to SellerActive and move the orders out of the "Unshipped" status.