You will need a Product ID in order to publish to Walmart - How Marketplace Management can help

In order to publish to Walmart you will need to submit a Product ID (not an ASIN) to the marketplace at the time you publish your product. Unfortunately, even on Walmart's site you cannot submit only an Amazon ASIN to list the product. 

EAN is not a viable Product ID for Walmart per Walmart's Knowledge Base

  • Marketplace Management augmentation process will attempt to gather the viable Product ID's that are present on your integrated sales channels. We can then utilize that Product ID in the publishing process to Walmart.
  • Our augmentation process will not only bring in the Product ID but also the Description, bullet points, multiple images, etc. 
  • If you are selling on a site such as Bigcommerce or Shopify where our augmentation might not apply, you can export your product data from those sites and import them directly into Marketplace Management in bulk.
  • For more information about Walmart's Product ID policy, please reference their knowledge base. 

If that Product ID is not gathered then you have 2 options: 

  1. Ask for a UPC Exemption from Walmart directly. This is normally approved if you have a Private Label product that does not have UPC's.
    1. You can create a ticket directly through your dashboard within and apply for UPC exemption. Here is an article with more information from Walmart's Knowledge Base (you will find the section near the bottom of this article) 
  2. You can purchase brand new Product ID's from confirmed sources