Product Import process – Bulk Operations and your available options

Product Imports have received a facelift!

SellerActive allows you the ability to take any file provided to you by your Vendor or any of your personal files and import it into our system. You can not only create brand new Products but you can also edit existing Product information that is in our system for quick and easy adjustments. You can take any column header and then map it to a corresponding Product-level field in our system.

  • This process is different then our Legacy Upload process that has been around for several years. This older process can still be utilized and will actually be very helpful as we continue to build out our Import offerings.
    • At this time the Import button in the Listings Workspace will take you to the Legacy Upload page.
  • Certain fields cannot be updated via the Product Import and while certain fields might appear to be the same, they are different
    • Examples of what will not be updated: Cost, Quantity, Pricing Strategies, Price, and Shipping Templates.
  • The file must have Column Headers and it must be in .xslx format.

                                                  Let's walk through a Product Import:

Within the Product’s Workspace you will see an “Import” button and selecting this will take you to a new page.

Upload any .xslx file you have on hand that has a column header. You will get an immediate response that the file has been uploaded and you can click “Next”

  • Additional columns will be added via an underscore (i.e. Tag_1, Tag_2, etc.)
  • Any fields that are blank within the file will be ignored and the previously stored information will stay in SellerActive.

A preview will be generated, and it will ask which fields you which to make the information too. If you have mapped that specific column header in the past then our system will remember that mapping for all future uploads.

Select the mappings you want for that given column.

  • NOTE: Our system will not be able to proactively check for values that are not a Product level column. In this example, Quantity was imported however Quantity cannot be updated via this process. You can leave the column Unmapped if you want it to be ignored.

You will see any special columns highlighted at the bottom of the page. This is mostly commonly seen with Tags.

After you click “Next” your Import will begin to process. You will have a progress bar for that given import and you can continue with your daily tasks:

Once completed, anywhere within the application you will see a notification and you can review your results or check the SKU directly within either workspace. Your Import is complete!

  • You can reference the result file through the "My Files" page under Tools