Product Opportunity Report

The Product Opportunity Report is a customized tool that utilizes customer demand signals, category and brand data to make product recommendations tailored to your business.

The Product Opportunity Report provides suggestions for products to consider selling within categories and brands that you already sell, while also considering marketplace demand. The report contains multiple pieces of data that can be sorted and filtered on to narrow down the suggestions to the opportunities that  best match your business.

Walmart must be integrated on your account to access this report.

Product: The product title. If this product is already in your catalog, clicking on the info icon in this column will give you information about where you are selling this product today.

Marketprice: This is an average price across the major marketplaces that this product is selling on. This metric will give you a sense of what you might be able to sell this product for. 

Brand: The brand of the product.

Est. Sales Volume: This is a relative measurement of how much market demand there is for this product. This will be one of three values, High, Medium, Low.  

Item in my Catalog: This column shows whether or not you already have this product in SellerActive. Items already in your catalog show up here because they might not be listed on all marketplaces that have opportunity. 

Channel:  Marketplace icons that are lit up in this column indicate the item is for sale on that channel by another merchant. Clicking on the icon will take you to the marketplace listing for that product. 

Actions: Here you can edit an item if it is already in your catalog or you can begin to list it to one or more channels if it is not.

Suggested usage: To find product opportunities for items you already sell but not on all channels yet, filter by Estimated Sales Volume = High, Items in My Catalogue = Yes, and hover over the Information icon next to each item in order to take "Action" to list to additional marketplaces and consider using the Market Price as a consideration.

To begin using the Product Opportunity report, go to Reports > Product Opportunities in SellerActive or go there directly from this link.