API - How to Quick Fulfill an order using Cart Multichannel Management's open API

How to easily send order updates to the sales channel through Cart Multichannel Management

Using Cart Multichannel Management's open API is easy and you can easily gather your Unshipped orders after they have been imported from your sales channels. Our customers will use a GET call to gather the order, and then send a PUT call back to Cart Multichannel Management to make sure that the order is shipped successfully. 

What you will see is that there are several additional columns and fields within the GET Order response. Many of these fields do not need to be included with your PUT response. This is a guide on how to quickly fulfill your orders. 

To quick fulfill an order (Post tracking information and mark as shipped) use the additional fields 'Status', 'OrderTracking', 'OrderService', and 'OrderCarrier'. 


Here is an example of the PUT call you could use: