Target Position Strategy - Best Practices

How does the Target Position Strategy Work?

Marketplace Management will pull in the top 20 competing offers from Amazon and eBay and reprice your item accordingly

  • For Amazon, your competitors are any sellers that are on the same ASIN as your item
  • For eBay, Marketplace Management will search for sellers using the same product identifier you provided in the item specifics of your eBay listing

Based on your settings we will match or undercut your competition to achieve the desired rank among your competitors

  • If you have selected to target the Buy Box price we will match or undercut the current Buy Box price. However, this is generally not a recommended strategy for items that are Buy Box eligible.

When should I use a Target Position Pricing Strategy?

1. If you are not seeing the desired results while using Marketplace Management Win the Buy Box pricing strategy for Amazon

2. When you want to be the lowest price among your competitors at all times

  • Note: You can elect to match your lowest-price competitor instead of undercutting their price if you would like

3. When repricing on eBay

  • To use a target position strategy for repricing on eBay you must include a product identifier such as a UPC or MPN in the item specifics of your eBay listing. Marketplace Management will search eBay for other sellers using the same identifier and reprice against them.

When should I not use a Target Position Pricing Strategy?

1. If you are a branded seller with no competitors selling the same item

2. If you notice counterfeit sellers are using the same product identifier as you on eBay

  • Unfortunately, Marketplace Management has no way of identifying when sellers have counterfeit items or are using your product id on the wrong item. Occasionally, this may cause our system to reprice against an item that is not identical to yours. If you notice this is occurring you may want to report this to eBay or consider using a different pricing strategy for your item