Price Mirroring Pricing Strategy

Duplicate the price from another sales channel. Syncs the price from one marketplace/site to another marketplace/site with an optional dollar or percentage modifier.

How it Works

If the marketplace you are mirroring from has an automated pricing strategy assigned:

  • Any automated price change on the primary marketplace will reflect on the mirrored marketplace or site at the time of the automated price change
  • The pricing strategy on the primary marketplace will only factor in competitors on the respective marketplace and not the marketplace that the price is being mirrored to.
  • For example, a price mirroring strategy from Amazon to eBay will only key off of Amazon competition even if competitors for the same item on eBay have much higher or lower prices.

    If the marketplace you are mirroring from does not have an automated pricing strategy assigned:

    • Prices from your primary marketplace will be mirrored to your other marketplace once every 24 hours

    Optionally, you may set a Price Modifier to modify the price being mirrored from one channel to another.


    Note: You must set your minimum and maximum prices individually for each marketplace. If you would like your prices to be the same across marketplaces then you will need to ensure each marketplace has the same minimum and maximum prices within your Marketplace Management account.

    Recommended Usage

    This is recommended for sites that require or encourage price parity among your selling channels.

    Prices higher on Amazon than other marketplaces may cause your listings to be suppressed. Mirroring your prices from Amazon to your other marketplaces will ensure your prices on those other marketplaces always remain in sync with your prices on Amazon.