Cart's Multi-Channel Management + Custom FTP Projects

Cart's Multi-Channel Management allows for you to update your catalog's prices and quantities in bulk using a flat file upload manually at any time. If you work with different distributors or vendors they might provide the ability to gather information on timed intervals. In order to have Cart's Multi-Channel Management gather this information automatically, you do need to establish an FTP for your account.
  • Depending on the complexity we offer a fixed price Basic FTP, or if you have additional requirements, we also offer a custom-built Advanced FTP setup. 

    Please see further below for additional details on our FTP services.

If you're interested in starting the process for us to scope your request:

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Cart's Multi-Channel Management does not support EDI formatted FTP's at this time


Here are the standard questions we ask prior to getting started:

1. Who will be hosting the FTP?
  • If the Vendor already has the FTP endpoint established and has documentation on how to access their inventory, please provide that for review.
  • These endpoints are typically a set of credentials and a URL or specific "Host"
2. Do the SKU's match from your Vendor file to your catalog?
  • If your SKU's do not match from the Vendors catalog to your for sale SKU's, that is considered an Advanced FTP
3. How often does the FTP run or how often is it updated?
  • Depending on the size of the file we are attempting to gather the run time might be delayed. 

What is an example of a Basic FTP?

A Basic FTP would be a CSV file with SKU, Quantity, and Cost. This is a file that is placed in the FTP endpoint yourself or we are gathering it from the approved FTP endpoint. 

Can the FTP be used for Order fulfillment as well? 

At this time our FTP's cover catalog quantity and price management. Some Vendors support an Order fulfillment FTP and that is considered a separate process. Not all requests are approved and these requests are scoped on a per-FTP basis. An Order FTP also requires additional fees. Please speak with your Account Consultant for more information. 

Some of our partners have a much more tenured Order FTP processes and they might be able to fulfill your needs: 

Is there a way to connect to Cart's Multi-Channel Management via API? 

We do have a REST API that you can use to interact with your inventory and orders. This would be separate from the FTP process and might require development resources on your end or a third-party developer. For more information, please review this article.