SellerActive + Deliverr + Walmart Shipping Templates

How to establish your workflow through SellerActive while handling your Walmart Shipping Templates

With Walmart's new Shipping Template functionality, you may need to adjust your workflow if you are using Deliverr. You can continue to have SellerActive manage quantity updates to your Walmart store, but shipping templates are different.

If you use Deliverr, you will not be able to use SellerActive to set your Walmart Shipping Templates as Deliverr will be managing this to ensure you maintain any 2-3 day shipping speeds. Walmart Shipping Templates will import into SellerActive but users will be unable to update them from SellerActive. Please view this Deliverr article prior to migrating to Walmart Shipping Templates to minimize any potential impact on Fast-Tags and work with Deliverr Support directly on any Walmart Shipping Template related questions. 

If you use a combination of Deliverr and your own FBM warehouse, you will not be able to use SellerActive to set your Walmart Shipping templates and will need to continue to manage them on Walmart. 

If you attempt to update the Shipping Templates one by one or in bulk, you will be presented with the following error message: 


What if I no longer use Deliverr but I want SellerActive to manage by Shipping Templates? 

If you are no longer using Deliverr then you will want to remove the integration from SellerActive's end. You can move from Settings -> Integrations -> Deliverr

image (6)-3You will click on the Deliverr integration tile, and select "Remove Integration". Then click save. 

image (7)Your shipping template established within SellerActive will be automatically sent to Walmart every hour once the integration is disconnected.