Cart's Multichannel Management Glossary of Terms

Your go-to guide for terms Multichannel Management uses to describe the product and its various functions.


A group of items, sometimes known as a kit, that are sold together under one SKU.


Each sales channel differs in how they group products on their site. Categorization refers to the channel-specific grouping assigned to your listings, or the mapping that you have created for your products.


The price assigned to an item by a distributor or manufacturer. Cost can also include shipping (to help include shipping in the calculation of dynamic min and max pricing).

Dynamic Minimum/Maximum

Cart's Multichannel Management can take certain fields from your inventory and add Amazon fees (plus a markup percentage) to calculate Minimum Price. If your Cost regularly changes, setting a Dynamic Minimum is beneficial, as it will help you alleviate the need to re-calculate minimum and maximum prices when updating Cost.

Listing Workspace

The section of Cart's Multichannel Management where you go to manage how items in your product catalog appear on marketplaces. This is also where you will go to manage channel-specific information.

Maximum Price

The highest Price you are willing to sell an item for. In Cart’s Multichannel Management, this is not a mandatory field. However, it is highly suggested that a Maximum Price be included when using an Algorithmic Buy Box pricing strategy.

Minimum Price

The lowest you are willing to sell an item for and still make a profit. This is the lower boundary of a pricing strategy. Cart’s Multichannel Management will not reprice below this number.

Preferred Price

The price Cart’s Multichannel Management will automatically default to when there is either no competition on a listing, or no eligible competition as set by your pricing strategy settings.

Products Workspace

The section of Cart’s Multichannel Management where you go to manage your product catalog. Product level fields are: SKU, Product ID, Description, Image, Brand, Bundle Relationship, Manufacturer, variations, Vendor, Cost, and Quantity.

SKU Pane

A slide-out menu for editing all aspects of your products and listings.


A set of products related to each other. Most variations are broken down by size or color.