Why is my inventory not imported into Marketplace Management from Shopify?

At this time your SKUs on Shopify must have SKUs in order to be imported into our platform. This includes variation items and variations of existing Shopify products. If the products do not have SKUs then they will not be sent over to us and you cannot manage their prices or quantities. 

You can confirm if your item has quantity by reviewing your inventory within Shopify. Using the Filter options you will see a "SKU" column. 

If you review the SKUs one by one you can also confirm the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is empty: 

Once the SKU field is added, then those items will be transferred to your Marketplace Management account. We normally import your full inventory every 24 hours but you can manually prompt this within the integration settings: Settings -> Integrations -> Shopify -> Import 

If you are still seeing your listings not appear within Marketplace Management then you might have duplicate SKUs within your Shopify account. You can export a full inventory file from Shopify or you can review your inventory with a Marketplace Management Support team member.