How do I integrate my Shopify POS orders into Marketplace Management to deduct from my total available quantity?

Reach out to Marketplace Management Support to enable a setting for Marketplace Management to import your Shopify POS orders and update quantity.

If you have Shopify integrated with Marketplace Management and also use Shopify POS, by default, the Shopify POS orders will not import into Marketplace Management. Shopify POS orders are typically purchased in person and do not need to be shipped.

If you share the quantity between "web orders that are to be shipped" along with "in-person Shopify POS purchases," Marketplace Management now has a way to deduct these Shopify POS orders from your total available quantity. 

If you would like the Shopify POS orders to import into Marketplace Management and deduct from your available quantity, please reach out to Marketplace Management Support or your implementation manager.


Key things to note:

  • You do not need to set up a new integration under Settings>Integrations for Shopify POS. Marketplace Management will use your existing "Shopify" integration.
  • Shopify POS orders will appear on the Marketplace Management Orders page under the "Sites" section under a separate channel called "Shopify POS."
  • Since Shopify POS orders are not shipped but are usually purchased in person, Marketplace Management will deduct quantity for any POS orders imported (regardless of Fulfillment Status) but the orders will show up as "Shipped" under the "Status" section on the Marketplace Management Orders page.
  • When quantity is deducted for a Shopify Order, it will appear on the "Quantity History" (SKUPane > Inventory tab) as an "Order."
  • Can I just import my Shopify POS orders but not deduct the quantity? No, if you choose to enable this setting, your Shopify POS orders will deduct quantity.