Understanding File Imports and Exports for BigCommerce Sellers

Learn how to download and import information into SellerActive

As a BigCommerce Customer, most of the changes to inventory and product data will be handled via BigCommerce. However, it is good to be come acquainted with all the various imports and exports.

If you are looking for a specific item in this document, we suggest becoming familiar first with exporting Listings and pricing data.


Exporting data from SellerActive

There are 4 main Exports from SellerActive and each has a very specific function and is easily importable back into SellerActive to modify product data, inventory, or bundles.

  • Product Exports will export all product data
    • This is a good file to export if you are looking to change product details such as images, title, description or to add fields that are missing from the Product data and are needed for listing to a particular marketplace.
      • Depending on what Marketplace is integrated will determine what product attributes are available in the Product Export.
  • Inventory Exports will export your Fulfillment Center locations and the inventory associated with each location. Since you are coming from BigCommerce, you will only have one Fulfillment Center called “My Warehouse,” which is our default warehouse.
    • Additional data that can be modified using an exported Inventory File.
      1. Add inventory to a different Warehouse.
      2. Fulfillment Cost - Fulfillment Cost is used in our pricing algorithm. Although this is not a required field, it will be quite helpful if you plan on using our repricing strategies. Typically, customers will use their shipping or estimated shipping cost for this field.
      3. Fulfillment Priority – If you have more than one warehouse that houses your inventory, you can assign which warehouse you want to have inventory pulled from first. Once the warehouse that has a priority of 1 runs out of inventory, the next order’s inventory will be pulled from the location with a priority of 2.
  • Bundle Export – Export your Bundled products to modify or update existing bundle sets. Remember that all bundles have to be previously built using the User Interface or using a bundle import file. Below are the fields you can modify using a Bundle export.
    • Bundle Multiplier (quantity per bundle) – How many of this component sku is part of the bundle? For instance, if your bundle was a 2 pack your bundle multiplier would be  2.
  • Listing Export – This is the only Export that is available exclusively in the Listings Workspace and is used primarily used for adjusting pricing or for repricing. Once you export this file and make changes you will also import this in the Listings Workspace. Here are a list of fields that are available for modifying using an Listing Template.
    1. Price
    2. Preferred Price – The price a pricing strategy will use when there are no competitors on an item.
    3. Minimum Price – Lowest Price the repricer will go down to when repricing.
    4. Maximum Price – Highest price the repricer will move up to when repricing.
    5. Pricing Name – This will be the name of the pricing strategy that you have built for that marketplace.
    6. Sale Price, Start and End dates – If you are using Sales Pricing for some of your items you can set the span of the sale and set the sales price.

How to Export and Access your exported files.

If you are exporting data using the Product workspace you have 3 files available to you for exporting.

  1. Product
  2. Inventory
  3. Bundles

As mentioned above there are various reasons for using each file that depends on the type of information you are dealing with. Just remember if you are manipulating basic catalog data like bullet points, titles, and descriptions, you will use the Product Export. If you are changing or want to view your entire quantity, use the Inventory export.

To export a Product, inventory, or Bundle file.

  1. In the Products Workspace select the items you wish to export by using the checkbox in the left hand side of the grid.
    1. Also know that if you use the check box in the upper left hand corner of the grid, all products will be selected.

Check box

2. Once you have selected the items you want to export, select the Export Button.

More button-1

3. Select the file Type you want to Exportexportport

4.Select Export


Now let’s go get your file!

  • In the right hand Navigation Pane select Tools and the File History.
  • In the File History window select Exports
  • Download your File. You will be able to find the file in your Download folder.

Importing New Data into SellerActive

There are 5 main Imports into SellerActive to add new data and in some cases, like orders, modify data.

  • Products – Adding new products for listing. Minimum requirements for adding to new products is SKU, Title, and UPC (or Product ID)
  • Inventory – Adding inventory to an existing Fulfillment Center.
  • Bundles – Creating and modifying Bundles and bundle relationships.
  • Orders – Add Items to existing orders, update shipping information, or cancel orders.

Each data type has an encompassing template that you can easily download.