VIDEO: How to Upload Product Tags to Marketplace Management

In this video, you'll learn how to add product tags in bulk via the product import in Marketplace Management.

In this video

  • Using the correct column headers for Tags
  • How to upload Tags using Marketplace Management Imports



How to Add Product Tags Via Import

1. Add a column

If you plan on adding just one tag to your products, simply add a column to your excel file titled “Tag”. If you are adding more than one tag to your products, delineate the tags out into multiple columns starting with the column titled “Tag_1”. Subsequent tags will use _2, _3, and so on. You may include up to 10 tags per product and 25 characters per tag.

2. Import your file

When your import file is ready for upload, navigate to the products workspace and click on the “Import” button located just above the products grid. Select Products and proceed to either drag and drop your excel file or use the “Select file” option to search your computer for the file location. After selecting the file for upload, our system will generate a preview screen where column mapping options may be selected.

3. Match your columns

You will notice that the “Tag” column will not automatically map to a property in our system during the preview screen. Instead, you will see a notification at the bottom of the preview screen that indicates a special column type was detected. These columns do not need mapping as they are only recognized by the specific column headers mentioned previously.

4. After upload

After uploading, you will be redirected to the “My Files” tool where the upload progress can be viewed. After a successful upload, you will now be able to filter your products by the recently added product tags.

Thank you for your support and feedback as we continue to improve your Marketplace Management experience.