VIDEO: Multichannel Fulfillment Order Process

A short tutorial on the multichannel fulfillment process as it occurs in our Orders Workspace.

In this video

  • How Marketplace Management Fulfillment order process occurs automatically
  • How to manually create a Marketplace Management Fulfilled order in the orders workspace



Hello and welcome to a short tutorial on the Marketplace Management fulfillment process as it occurs in our Orders Workspace. If you have yet to complete the necessary Marketplace Management shipment mappings, here is a video link to a previous tutorial on the subject.

After creating the right shipment mappings between Amazon and the channel of your choice, our system will be able to recognize when an order is placed for an FBA SKU listed on a channel, such as Shopify.

As soon as the Shopify order is imported into Marketplace Management, our system will automatically create the fulfillment information and send it to Amazon. The order status will subsequently move from “Unshipped” to “Pending FBA” status in our system. As soon as the order is shipped by Amazon, our system will move the status from “Pending FBA” to “Shipped” and will send the tracking information to Shopify while closing the order.

If you have not set up shipping mappings for Shopify or any of the other channels we support but do have the integration settings in place to enable Auto-FBA fulfillment, you will still be able to manually create the FBA order in our system. If FBA quantity is available for that order, you will see a link under the FBA Quantity column in our orders workspace. Click on this link to open our FBA order Preview. Here you will be given the option to pick your Amazon shipping speed before submitting your fulfillment request by confirming your selection. At this point, we will send the order details to Amazon fulfillment and will automatically update the tracking information to the selected channel once the order is shipped.

This is a painless process and can make life much easier for your business if you choose to go down the Marketplace Management fulfillment route.