How does SellerActive work with Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Learn more about how SellerActive currently works with WFS and what is coming soon.

What is Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Select Walmart Marketplace sellers are leveraging Walmart's inventory fulfillment program called Walmart Fulfillment Services, also referred to as WFS, which allows sellers to store their inventory at Walmart fulfillment centers. When a customer places an order on, WFS picks, packs and ships the item(s) to the customer on a seller’s behalf.


How does SellerActive work with Walmart Fulfillment Services?

As of today, here is a summary of how SellerActive interacts with WFS:

  • Quantities
    • We will not import quantities from Walmart and have those quantities update the local SKU's in our application
    • SellerActive's outbound quantity updates to Walmart will not update quantities for WFS items as that is managed by Walmart
    • At this time you cannot have more then one Fulfillment Source attached to a specific SKU on Walmart's side, this means that you can't have one SKU with WFS AND non-WFS inventory attached to it. 
    • In summary, the quantities will be present on your Walmart listings but SellerActive will not be able to interact with those items with regard to quantity. 
  • Orders: WFS orders will not appear in SellerActive as they will be routed directly to WFS for fulfillment.
  • Prices: Depending on if your integration settings allow (within your Walmart Developer portal), SellerActive does the ability to price and reprice listings fulfilled by WFS.

In the future, SellerActive will be releasing additional product capabilities to further integrate with WFS.

Examples include:

  • Quantities: Display WFS as a fulfillment center in SellerActive with associated quantity.
  • Orders: Display WFS orders in SellerActive's order manager.

There is no ETA for this release. If you do want to be put on our Feature Request list, please send an email to