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Do I need to archive my SKU's on Jet.com?

Jet.com requires a third-party API connection in order to manipulate and list products to their platform. This management outside the Jet.com website includes other necessary tasks such as order fulfillment and editing listings after they are created

One of the scenarios many clients ask about is "Archiving" products, the process of deactivating and isolating products on the marketplace. Other marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay allow you to delete a listing entirely to make necessary edits or adjustments. This is not the case for Jet.com and you are encouraged to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before requesting an item to be archived.

Things to keep in mind for archiving SKU's:

  • Archiving a SKU removes your listing from being available for sale. There is no way to delete the listing entirely from the Jet.com database
  • This restricts the SKU from being used, and SKU's cannot be edited after they are created
  • If you wish to sell the item in the future, you will need to un-archive the SKU and then add quantity to the item
  • The archived item will still appear within your Jet.com interface, now showing the "Archived" status.
  • Archiving requires a SellerActive representative to initiate the process.

How can I make sure a specific listing is not sold on Jet.com?

The reason to need an item Archived varies, but this is ultimately the end goal.At this time, the most efficient solution is to zero out the listing with a quantity update and confirm that the product's Inventory is marked as "Not Available" in Jet.com's Product section directly. Archiving typically takes several steps and often involves a delay; marking the item 0 or applying a high Listing Minimum buffer in SellerActive will make the listing inactive and allow you to edit that quantity at your leisure without further delay.

This means Archiving is most useful as additional insurance against the product being reactivated by accident without requiring multiple steps. Archiving should only be used as a final layer of insurance to ensure there is absolutely no chance it can be reactivated without additional explicit steps