Optimize items through Walmart’s Listing Quality Dashboard

In 2020 Walmart released its Listing Quality Dashboard to provide sellers with free tips on how to optimize their listings and unlock selling potential.


The dashboard, located in Walmart’s Seller Center, reveals how your listings rate for quality, and what can be done to improve them — it even includes a holistic listing quality score, for both catalog and item levels.


This score is determined by four factors: 

  • Content and discoverability 
  • Offer
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Post-purchase quality


If a seller receives content and discoverability recommendations from Walmart to update text for SEO purposes and has control over the listing on Walmart, they can make updates to the listing via Marketplace Management, and republish from our platform. A listing’s SEO content is driven by title, description, product attributes, and bullet points, which can all be updated within Marketplace Management.


However, if a seller is not the original listing owner, they would typically need to make all of these types of updates through Walmart.


Also, if their offer is not perceived as competitive, the seller can consider lowering the price and updating that in Marketplace Management.


The Buy Box notifications Walmart released in 2020 also help sellers keep their listings competitive because Marketplace Management is notified whenever there is a change in the Buy Box owner. This allows for better repricing opportunities, and the Buy Box is therefore captured for sellers at a higher percentage rate. Learn more about Cart Multichannel Management repricing options here.


Additionally, when sellers are making updates directly on Walmart’s Listing Quality dashboard, it’s important to be aware of delays during the holiday season, and other busy shopping periods, which can result in postponed metric updates.


The dashboard also includes a 12-page Listing Quality Optimization guide that details the Walmart optimization triangle and best practice advice for pricing, shipping, and policy adherence. 


Overall, the Listing Quality Dashboard is an extremely valuable resource that will help sellers better understand how well their listings stand out to potential buyers. 

Contact Walmart Support here with any additional inquiries on the Dashboard.