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Walmart Publishing Errors - SKU or Product ID Overrides

How to solve the Error from Walmart: This SKU is already set up with a different Product ID (i.e., GTIN, UPC, ISBN, etc.).

When publishing to Walmart you will be required to include a valid Product identifier (Product ID) along with other required fields. If you have listed to Walmart before using SellerActive then you may have already used a Product ID or SKU and those values are present within your Walmart store. Walmart will only allow for duplicate SKU's and will not allow you to use the same UPC's for multiple items. 

Typically Walmart will advise using a Product ID or SKU Override. At this time you cannot perform this action through SellerActive and you will need to submit that adjustment request through Walmart directly. 

Using Walmart, you can submit a full Inventory Spec. Template with the override information filled out. This will adjust the Product ID on the "wrong listing" and you can then relist through SellerActive with the correct SKU/Product.

Here is Walmart's documentation on this process

You might see an error from Walmart indicating: "The Product ID is already set up with the SKU %s" or "The Product ID is already set up with the SKU Qarth". Unfortunately this indicates an issue on Walmart's end and it outside the realm of SellerActive. 

  • We advise attempting to publish this SKU at another time. You can also open a Walmart Support Ticket and advise that you're hitting that error with the specific SKU you're publishing. 


Can I just delete the SKU from Walmart and start from scratch?

At this time Walmart does not allow for you to delete items and instead they allow you to "archive" them. Unfortunately even if the item is archived the Product ID and SKU will still be seen and referenced. The best option is to perform the Product ID or SKU Override or use an entirely different Product ID or SKU.

The Product ID that is already listed on Walmart does not match the product itself. How can this be corrected?

Walmart is still a fairly new sales channel and while the existing catalog was being built they accepted data from hundreds and thousands of sellers. This might have lead to data being incorrectly represented on their page. 

Unfortunately if the Product ID is not accurate and is already a product being sold by someone else, you will want to open a ticket with Walmart Support advising that the product is incorrect.