Walmart - General Tip and Tricks for Publishing

To set you off on the right foot, here are some pointers to keep in mind before beginning to list your products.

When you are looking to list new products on there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. This article highlights some of the important nuances you should be aware of before listing to Walmart.

  • You will need a Product ID to list to Walmart*
    • *If you are a Private Label seller you can apply to be UPC Exempt on Walmart through their support portal. Until you are UPC Exempt, the publish attempts will hit an item-level error
  • When listing items to Walmart, if they already have the UPC or Product on file, Walmart might default the product level details to what they already have stored.
    • If you do not like the image, title, or description of an item that is already on Walmart then it is actually very difficult to make adjustments to that pre-existing data. Walmart will differ from the information they have stored in their system unless you are listing with a brand-new Product ID or an ID that Walmart does not have logged yet.
    • You can still attempt to publish to Walmart with that new product-level data but there is no guarantee it will update the marketplace.
  • Do not attempt to list Amazon FBA items to Walmart without specific settings in place
    • Walmart is very strict about not allowing Walmart orders to be fulfilled using Amazon FBA stock. Reach out to Marketplace Management to learn more about using MCF blank box and logistics options.
  • SKU and UPC Overrides cannot be performed through Marketplace Management.
    • A common issue that arises when working with an existing Walmart account is that the UPC or SKU is already present on the Walmart marketplace. Per Walmart’s guidelines, you can only sell one “version” of a given UPC or Product.
    • Walmart does provide the ability to edit the UPC or Product but that action would need to be performed using Walmart’s specific “Full Spec Template”.
  • Be mindful of “Used” or “Refurbished” products from your other marketplaces.
    • By default, Walmart is going to prioritize New condition listings. You can sell Used or Refurbished items, but you will want to make sure to add those details to your Title and Description.
    • If you use the New items Product ID then Walmart will prioritize the New listing. It is best practice to purchase new Product ID’s for items in this scenario.