VIDEO: Publishing to Walmart

This is an article on staging a Product for the Walmart marketplace. Let's get those items published!


Written commentary: 

Hello and welcome to Marketplace Management's video tutorial on publishing your catalog to Walmart using our “Stage Listings” feature. To begin this process, login to Marketplace Management and navigate to the Products Workspace. Find the product(s) you would like to publish to Walmart and click their respective row selections.

Next, click on “Stage Listings” to pick the marketplaces you plan on publishing to. A prompt will appear at the bottom of your screen, clicking on this will navigate you to our listings workspace where you can focus on preparing the recently staged listings for publishing. The first point of interest at this stage is to click on the SKU link for one of your products and train your focus on the channel categories located on the right-hand side of the Product SKUpane. Walmart’s channel category will be “Unassigned”, and you will need to pick the category before listing. Simply click on the “Unassigned” link and either search for your desired category or scroll through Walmart’s category tree options.

After selecting the Walmart category, you will now be able to view the required product attributes that Walmart assigns to that specific category. If your products are missing any of the Walmart required product attributes, you are welcome to add this information in the products SKUpane or in bulk using the Product Workspace import option.

After confirming that the required fields are populated with data, the next step is to click on the “Listings” tab in the SKUpane. Click on the Walmart Icon beneath the Marketplace column and you will see a product status of “Ready to Publish.” This signifies that your product has been categorized for Walmart and the required product attribute fields are filled out. Your next step is to choose a price for the Walmart listing. This product is now ready to publish to Walmart. Marketplace Management gives you the option to publish from the listings SKUpane as well as from the listing’s workspace. The advantage of publishing from the listing’s workspace is that you can publish in bulk to multiple marketplaces in one push of a button.

After clicking publish, our system will change the status to “Queued” and then to “Publishing” as soon as Walmart picks up our feed. At this point, the product feed is now being processed by Walmart and the time frame for completion will vary depending on the number of products you are publishing. After the product has been successfully published, you will see the status changed to “Published” and the product will now be available for purchase on Walmart’s platform.