Minimum and Maximum Prices

This article will cover the functionality and importance of setting minimum and maximum prices in your Marketplace Management account

To effectively manage your prices within Marketplace Management, you must establish upper and lower price limits for each item. Setting a minimum and maximum price (or a dynamic minimum and a dynamic maximum) will ensure your prices never drop too low where you are not generating a profit or raise too high where buyers will not purchase your products.

When you initially set up a new integration with Marketplace Management, your current selling price on the marketplace will be imported into Marketplace Management as your static minimum price.

In most cases, this is not your true minimum price so you will need to adjust this field so that is it accurate.

You can edit your minimum or maximum prices at any time in the Listing Workspace or via a file upload.


  • Amazon
    • Marketplace Management is able to overwrite the Maximum and Minimum Prices on the marketplace for Amazon only. You can add this setting within the Amazon integration tile and this is not enabled by default.
    • We cannot import your Minimum or Maximum prices from Amazon and have them update Marketplace Management. 
    • You will need to ensure your mins and maxes in Marketplace Management are the same (or within the range) you set on the marketplace. Otherwise, you run the risk of having your listings deactivated if your price is ever outside the range you've set directly on the marketplace (but still within the range you set in your Marketplace Management account).