What Information Imports into SellerActive Marketplace Management from BigCommerce and How Often?

Learn more about what product data, listing information and order details will import from BigCommerce.

Product Data and Listing Details

The following product and listing information will import into SellerActive Marketplace Management from BigCommerce:

BigCommerce SellerActive Marketplace Management
Name Title
Primary and secondary images Primary and secondary images
Description Description
Weight Shipping Weight Value
Width Shipping Width Value
Depth Shipping Depth Value
Height Shipping Height Value
Price Price
Cost Cost
Retail Price MSRP
Sale Price Sale price field in the BigCommerce pricing section of listing details
MAP Price MAP Price
Brand Name Brand
Condition Condition
Custom Fields BigCommerce's custom fields will not import into Marketplace Management.

Variation Relationships

The variation option and option values will import into SellerActive if the BigCommerce channel setting to turn on variation imports is enabled in SellerActive. (This setting is not required to be enabled but recommended.)


Import Frequency

  • Upon initial integration, it will take up to one hour for products to import into Marketplace Management from BigCommerce.
  • New SKUs added to BigCommerce will import into Marketplace Management within five minutes.
  • Users may also prompt a new import into Marketplace Management anytime by going to Settings > Integrations > BigCommerce > then click on "Import Latest" on the left of the integration window.

Order Details

BigCommerce orders importing into SellerActive will include all standard order data, such as:

  • Buyer Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Fulfillment information (carrier and shipping service)
  • Items ordered and quantities of each item ordered
  • Prices paid for items ordered
  • Shipping
  • Taxes

In Workflow A, if marketplace orders in SellerActive are sent to BigCommerce, then the standard information listed above will be sent to BigCommerce.

If orders are created on BigCommerce, any of those items shipped will have the same fulfillment information imported back into SellerActive and then sent to the marketplaces.