Where Do I Find My SellerActive API Key?

Every SellerActive has an account-specific API key that you can access at any time. Here's where to find yours.

SellerActive – New Application

You should be able to see your left hand navigation bar while on any page within your SellerActive account. Near the bottom, you will see your email address:


Click on your email address, and a menu will expand. Select "Store Profile", and you will be taken to a page that displays your API key and your address information

API key

SellerActive – Old Application

In the upper right hand corner of SellerActive, you will see your email address and a cog with a downward arrow. Click here, and select "Store Profile".


Here you will see your API key, along with your business name, address, time settings, and SellerActive-specific account number (SellerID).

API key