Will my product changes within SellerActive impact the sales channel?

SellerActive has the ability to update product properties of existing listings on select marketplaces. Not to be confused with price & quantity, product property changes would be fields such as description, image and titles on an existing listing.

In order to attempt to make a change to an existing listing you would need to first update that listing's product properties in SellerActive and then publish it to send that update to the marketplace. See the table below for details on SellerActive's functionality on updating existing listings on the Marketplaces.

Note: You do not need to click Publish if you only want to change your prices and quantities since SellerActive will send price and quantity updates to the marketplaces automatically.

SellerActive Amazon  Walmart  eBay 
Update existing Listings  No Yes (if the account originally created the listing) Yes 
Update Variation Groups No Yes (if the account originally created the listing) Yes
SKU Update  No No No
UPC Update  No No  Yes 
Make changes without clicking publish No  No No 

SKU and UPC updates will need to be done directly on the Marketplace.

  • Amazon - Add new ASIN with updated SKU and then delete the old ASIN. 
  • Walmart - Use the item spec 4.0 upload and select "yes" for SKU and UPC update. 
  • eBay - update the custom label field either directly on your listing or through File Exchange.