Who We Are

More than a business, we're a team

SellerActive was launched in 2011 by Jason Harra and Bryan Hockett of Salem, Oregon. Coming from an e-commerce background themselves, the founders knew well the thousands of small tasks that burden online retailers. The dream of SellerActive was to offer a set of user-friendly tools to e-commerce businesses, services that could simplify and automate online listing, processing, and shipping.

While SellerActive is officially still young, its tools and services have been tested and refined in online marketplaces for well over a decade. (SellerActive's tools began as internally developed solutions for textbook retailer Bookbyte.) Customers can rest assured knowing our services have been tried, tested, and proven through over 12 years of success in online marketplaces.


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Core Values


Above all else, we value the well-being of our staff, clients, and our industry.


We understand that the underpinning of our business is strong, long-term, valuable relationships.


We help customers navigate the complex and ever-changing e-commerce industry to overcome sales obstacles and achieve greater success for their businesses.


We take pride in our "can do" attitude, and believe in being professional in all aspects of our business.


Our industry requires world-class expertise and experience to ensure the best possible results for our clients and our stakeholders.


Jason Harra


Bryan Hockett


Russell Boedeker


Management & Operations

Kevin Thomson

Sales Manager

Travis Tomlinson

Sr. Product Manager

Tom Pittman

Marketing Manager

Emily Nelsen

Director of Customer Success


Morgan Bennette

Sales Consultant

Tim Bildstein

Sr. Sales Consultant

Kimberly Kearney

Sr. Sales Consultant

Aaron Rogers

Sales Consultant

Tim Shoemaker

Sr. Sales Consultant

Siobhán Sullivan

Sales Consultant

Ian Leslie

Sales Development Representative Lead

Eric Johnson

Sales Development Representative

Nohea Duro

Sales Development Representative

Steven Fort

Sales Development Representative

Ershad Mahmood

Sales Development Representative

Customer Success

Tim Schafer

Customer Success Champion

Daniel Wakam

Implementation Team Lead

Dan Fowler

Lead Technical Support Engineer

Jon Thompson

Customer Solutions Lead

Robert Loomis

Implementation Specialist

John Gorman

Implementation Specialist

Daniel Day

Implementation Specialist

Terra Morris

Customer Solution Specialist

Steve Murray

Customer Solution Specialist


Sam Striano

Head Software Architect

Carl Beyer

Software Engineer

Ryan Rivest

Sr. Software Engineer

Aaron Spore

Software Engineer

Ben Zoon

Software Engineer


Kristin Foster

Marketing Campaign Specialist