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What Are Channel Feeds?

Sales channels use the data from product feeds to display items on their platforms. They check your eCommerce feed and decide if your products or your competitor's should show up for potential customers. To get in front of every customer it's crucial to have an optimized feed.

optimize feeds

Centralize your data feed management with our platform, where all channel specifications are pre-configured, ensuring automatic generation of feeds in the correct format.

Automate Tasks

New items in your store are seamlessly integrated into the feed, while product feeds undergo regular updates and are transmitted to your channels as frequently as hourly.

bulk import

Ensure your inventory and pricing remain current. Easily publish or modify your listings on Amazon, TikTok, eBay, Walmart, and more in bulk, and efficiently merge multiple SKUs into a single listing.

Ensure Accuracy

Accelerate your product listing process. Utilize feed review to automatically verify compliance before submission to Amazon, mitigating the risk of rejection.

Generate Ads

Text ads are intelligently crafted for each and every item in your catalog, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum exposure across channels.

Auto update ads

Ads and keywords are refreshed in real-time whenever you add or remove a product from your catalog.

other features

→ Automated repricing software
→ ASIN creator
→ Product bundling
→ Variation support
→ Product tagging
→ Order & inventory management
→ Full FBA integration
→ Affordable a-la-carte pricing

Adidas simplified their product feed distribution, saving them hours of work every day

"We have created custom labels for attributes that are important to us, for example sport category or type of garment. This enables us to tweak our bids on Google Shopping very specifically. And with Cart.com Analytics, we review the cost and revenue of each product on every channel and remove unprofitable products from our shopping feeds with a single click."

Additional Plan Features

Pierce AB Increased Sales by 400% in 2 Months

Pierce AB, a Swedish e-commerce leader in motocross and motorcycle gear, partnered with Cart.com to enhance their advertising campaigns. Facing IT resource constraints, they utilized Cart.com to increase product offerings by 40% on platforms like Google Shopping and improve rankings on marketplaces like eBay.

By taking full control over their feeds and implementing strategic rules, Pierce AB optimized campaign performance, showcasing the value of effective feed management in driving e-commerce success.

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