Marketplace intelligence that gives you the edge

Deep relationships with our channel partners provide access to data and recommendations that can be actioned with a few clicks

  • Recommended product opportunities based on search and demand
  • Profit optimization opportunities based on price and fulfillment fees
  • Dynamic profit reporting by product and channel

With marketplace sophistication continuing to grow, you need actionable insights to drive the best results

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Update listings, pricing, orders, and quantities across all connected channels from a single workflow or use our API to reduce integrations.


    Make simultaneous changes across channels from a central hub, create rules to act in your best interest, or use our algorithms to act for you.


    Join new marketplaces and grow your reach with a click of a button. Our expert services can also help accelerate your success.

  • Increased our salesby more than 20%
    Garage Art
  • We're doing more volume than ever
    J&M Golf
  • Increased a client's revenue by 3000%
    Digital Darts

Marketplace intelligence + One-click workflows =
The new competitive edge

Product opportunities

Analyze the products in your existing catalog that will sell the most on marketplaces like Walmart.

Understand similar items that are in high demand but that you don't currently sell.


Competitor insights monitor prices for your listings, identifies Buy Box holders, and gauges your listing's competitiveness.

Optimize repricing strategies or set rules to do it for you.

Fulfillment Recommendations

Identify the margin impact of using a marketplace fulfillment network like WFS in your strategy.

Estimated category fees, current marketplace offers, and expected sales support trade-off decisions.

Real-time Profit Analytics

Analyze revenue and cost data across channels to support strategic planning.

Fees for key channels are automatically ingested, but we can also consider your unique needs.

Our Assortment Growth Engine surfaces the next best actions to take in your catalog based on customer demand signals for your category and brand data

  • See the largest sales opportunities for your existing products on other channels
  • Identify other products like yours with high search demand and little competition 
  • Our AI listing tool will automatically populate product opportunities for listing

We have product recommendations specific to you!

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