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Use SellerActive’s automatic repricer to help your business rank higher in search, capture more Buy Boxes, and maximize profit margins.

  • Captures the Buy Box 72% of the time
  • Automatic price updates every 46 seconds
  • Considers operational metrics to prevent a 'race to the bottom'
  • Set pricing strategies and thresholds that suit your business

  • Fast with flexible repricing strategies
    Founder & Consultant
  • Keeps up faster than the competition
    Business CEO
  • Buy box wins went from 42% to 83%
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What is Repricing Software?

The “Buy Box” is the most coveted spot on any listing - more than 80% of marketplace sales are made by consumers clicking “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”. Becoming the seller connected to these links is a complex game, and repricing software can help you win it.

Amazon Repricer

SellerActive's Amazon repricing software ensures competitive pricing, wins Buy Boxes, and maximizes profit.

Stand out in search, secure the "Buy Now" click, and navigate the competitive Amazon marketplace effectively.

Walmart Repricer

SellerActive offers Walmart repricing software to support sellers across all platforms.

With Walmart's significant online presence and high GMV, integrating it into your repricing strategy is essential for maximizing sales and staying competitive.

Competitor Review

The Competitor Review tool monitors prices for your listings, identifies Buy Box holders, and gauges your listing's competitiveness.

Armed with comprehensive pricing insights, optimize repricing strategies and stay competitive.

other Features

→ ASIN creator
→ Product bundling
→ Variation support
→ Product tagging
→ Order & inventory management
→ Full FBA integration
→ Product feed automation
→ Affordable a-la-carte pricing

"SellerActive is much more reliable, it doesn't shut down"

Less Is Always More, owned by Jeff, faced challenges with unreliable repricing tools and inventory management, hindering expansion to Walmart.

SellerActive by Cart.com provided a seamless transition, ensuring uninterrupted repricing, efficient inventory management, and responsive customer support.

With Cart.com's assistance, Jeff's business thrived, experiencing increased marketplace performance, enhanced inventory management efficiency, and successful expansion to Walmart.

Additional Plan Features

20+ sales channels and more...

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