Simplify order logistics for efficient fulfillment

Get goods out faster with automatic routing, multichannel inventory syncing, and robust integrations for FBA and shipping.

  • Send orders to your 3PL provider, FBA, or other shipping solution
  • Update quantities in real time across all channels

  • Avoid out-of-stocks with low stock alerts, and real-time analytics

  • Inventory is always up to date
    Less Is Always More
  • Easy to integrate inventory and pricing
    Business Owner
  • Eliminated over and under selling
    One Tree Brands

Manage every order, for any channel — in one place

Consolidate your orders, from every channel you sell on, into a single location. Fulfill your orders, choose shipping options, or use automatic routing to send orders to third-party logistics companies like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS).

Automatic Routing

Direct orders to warehouses and third-party logistics or our partners ShipStation, ShipWorks, Desktop Shipper and more

Integrate with Amazon FBA management and utilize cross-channel fulfillment. Plus, compare prices for USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and more.

Inventory Syncing

Automatically adjust quantities across all channels to prevent out-of-stocks and overselling, maintaining a positive reputation.

Set low stock thresholds for added protection against depletion, ensuring uninterrupted sales and customer satisfaction.

Reporting & Analytics

Provides comprehensive insights beyond individual marketplaces, offering a holistic view of sales and orders.

Monitor inventory levels and identify reordering needs effortlessly. Detailed reports for quick analysis and informed decision-making.

Other Features

→Automated repricing software
→ASIN creator
→Product bundling
→Variation support
→Product tagging
→Full FBA integration
→Best-in-class support
→Affordable a-la-carte pricing

All Plan Features

"One of the biggest challenges we had before was bundling. We have multiple 2 and 3 pack listings. Maintaining accuracy was tough. After using the Bundling functionality in SellerActive by, we had eliminated issues such as overselling and underselling."

Akash Director | One Tree Brands

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