Enrolled in Amazon's Remote Fulfillment by FBA Program?

Enable a required setting ("Send Fulfillment Type with Quantities") to keep your FBM quantities up to date.

Amazon made changes in October 2020, which may impact quantity updates for your FBM items if you're in the Amazon Remote Fulfillment by FBA program. They now require additional information on Fulfillment Type be sent to Amazon in order to be able to update quantities correctly. Having this SellerActive setting ON will allow our system to send this required Fulfillment Type information to Amazon and continue to update your FBM quantities.

If you participate in Amazon's Remote Fulfillment by FBA program, please verify all of your FBM quantities are correct and then enable the "Send Fulfillment Type with Quantities" setting in SellerActive by going to:

Settings > Integrations > Amazon > Turn on the "Send Fulfillment Type with Quantity Updates" setting and click Save.


Enable this setting for non-US Amazon integrations also if applicable.  If it is not on, SellerActive may not be able to update your FBM quantities.