How to reactivate suppressed listings on Amazon

When reviewing your inventory on Amazon’s Seller Central it can be surprising to learn certain listings have been suppressed, but reactivating these listings is an easy fix.

If a listing is missing any of Amazon’s required elements, it will be suppressed, or deactivated, until those product details have been added. 


A listing can be suppressed for many different issues, but its product details are typically the reason why — Amazon’s algorithm will suppress listings with inaccurate titles, wrong brand name, and/or missing attributes such as Color, Size, and Color Map.


Notifications are not currently sent by Amazon to alert sellers of a suppressed listing, but it’s still important to keep your Listing Notifications on within Seller Central, to be notified when a listing is created, or if it has been closed.




You can keep track of listing status through the Manage Inventory page in Amazon Seller Central, however.


There you can select Create and manage inventory, then Suppressed Listings to see whether listings are Active, Inactive, or Suppressed, as well as the reason an item has been suppressed.




This status information can also be found by creating a report . . .

  1. From Manage Inventory select Manage your inventory in bulk 
  2. Then, Download an inventory report
  3. Generate a Listing Quality and Suppressed Listings report


Then the suppressed listings can be fixed in bulk by filling out the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report and inputting the missing information in the corrected value field.


Once the information is complete in the spreadsheet, the file needs to be uploaded back into Amazon SellerCentral > Inventory > Add Products via File Upload


Suppressed listings can also be fixed individually by doing it in the UI on SellerCentral. Navigate to the Manage Inventory section, where there is a Suppressed tab at the top that will take you to all of your suppressed listings. From there you can supplement the missing information in the Issue Description box and hit save.


Once the item’s issue has been resolved within Seller Central, the listing will be reactivated, and the product available for purchase.