1. Listings

Learn how to list using SellerActive

Here are the recommended steps and best practices to successfully create new listings from existing products, along with videos to guide you through this process.

Here are a series of videos to walk you through how to successfully list to Amazon, ebay, and/or Walmart using SellerActive.


  1. Integrating - In order to publish listings, SellerActive requires the Outbound settings to update Prices and Quantities to be On. Please see this article for more information about setting up your integrations.

    Integration set up

    Slides from the Integration presentation are available here


  2. Export/Import - Prepare your product data by exporting your product information, adding additional required fields for publishing, and re-importing this new product information back into SellerActive using the Products Workspace. (i.e. UPC, Primary Image, Description, Brand, Shipping Weight Unit, Shipping Weight Value, Manufacturer)

    Note: If you are creating a brand new product from scratch, please view this video and then continue with the remaining steps.

    Listing - Export-import


    Slides from the Exporting and Importing Product Data presentation are available here

  3. Staging - Stage your products to the desired marketplaces you want to list to and start the listing process

    Listing - Staging

    Slides from the Staging presentation are available here

  4. Categorizing - Categorize your listings based on the desired marketplaces

    Listing - Categorizing


    Slides from the Categorizing presentation are available here

  5. Listing Status - Understand what each listing status means 

    Listing Status


    Slides from the Listing Status Definitions presentation are available here

  6. Publish "Ready to Publish" Items - Working with Ready to Publish Items

    Ready to Publish items


    Slides from the Ready To Publish Items presentation are available here

  7. Working with "Incomplete" Items - How to troubleshoot items with missing information

    Incomplete Inventory

    Slides from the Working With Incomplete Items presentation are available here

  8. Working with "Errors" - How to troubleshoot the most common errors

    Working with Listing Errors

    Slides from the Working with Errors presentation are available here