New Amazon MCF Feature Enrollment

Access The World’s Largest

Fulfillment Network

SellerActive’s MCF feature automatically submits your online orders to Amazon for fulfillment, updates orders with tracking information, and synchronizes your inventory quantities across all channels.

Enroll in our pilot today and increase your multi-channel sales with:

  • Unbranded packaging for MCF orders (eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc.).
  • Blocking of Amazon Logistics to improve order tracking.
  • Boosting your Inventory Performance Index (IPI) with MCF.
  • 30-Day Free Trial.


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Reach Your Customers Like Never Before

With increasing ecommerce competition, it’s essential to diversify your selling strategy to more marketplaces. Take the complications and frustrations that come with selling on multiple channels out of the equation and focus on what matters to you and your business with SellerActive.