Experts will optimize and monitor your channel feeds

  • Save Time

    Simply request a feed setup from within the platform and let our team take over. We create a feed for the requested channel using the data downloaded from your shop .

  • Ensure Compliance

    Each channel comes with their own feed specifications. Take the guesswork out of setting up your feeds. Our services meet the requirements of any channel you choose.

  • Maximize ROI

    Our e-commerce experts make sure your feeds are as descriptive as possible making the best use of data downloaded from your shop- guaranteeing the best use of a channel and maximum ROI.

  • 5 star service and always reposnsive
  • Really helped me get set up quickly
    Google Ads Expert
  • Enables us to tweak bids on Google

Save time and maximize your advertising ROI

Leverage our teams years of experience and expertise to get the most out of your channel feeds. You'll get 100% channel compliant feeds crafted using detailed information from your shops. Once your feeds are set up, enjoy the benefits of our Channel Feeds software.

optimize feeds

Centralize your data feed management with our platform, where all channel specifications are pre-configured, ensuring automatic generation of feeds in the correct format.

automate tasks

New items in your store are seamlessly integrated into the feed, while product feeds undergo regular updates and are transmitted to your channels as frequently as hourly.


Ensure your inventory and pricing remain current. Easily publish or modify your listings on Amazon, TikTok, eBay, Walmart, and more in bulk, and efficiently merge multiple SKUs into a single listing.


Accelerate your product listing process. Utilize feed review to automatically verify compliance before submission to Amazon, mitigating the risk of rejection.


Text ads are intelligently crafted for each and every item in your catalog, ensuring comprehensive coverage and maximum exposure across channels.


Ads and keywords are refreshed in real-time whenever you add or remove a product from your catalog.

adidas optimized multiple channels simultaneously

Leveraging Cart Feed Marketing, adidas significantly enhanced its online visibility by implementing automated feed management across advertising, social media, and shopping platforms.

They achieved regional optimization by efficiently modifying multiple shops and channels simultaneously, ensuring tailored strategies for diverse markets. Top-performing products now enjoy prominent placement across all channels, driving maximum ad return on investment (ROI).

Advance your ecommerce presence

Leading Feed Marketing Solution to support brands in building long-term eCommerce success.

Minneapolis agency Elumynt scaled revenue from Snapchat by 86% with 10x ROAS

"Once our channel was set up, we launched our optimized Catalog Sales campaign. By refreshing the content and ad formats based on what we know works and modifying the bid strategy and ad setup, we achieved a 10.5x ROAS on $10K in spend."

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