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VIDEO: How to update your quantities and prioritize your Fulfillment Centers

Update your quantities one-by-one or in bulk using a flat file upload.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to update my quantities on the sales channel directly. Can Cart Multichannel Management import my quantities on a consistent basis?

We can establish your account to import quantities from the sales channel of your choosing. This process is outside of the normal workflow we expect and there could be scenarios where this might not be effective with Cart Multichannel Management. 

Please reach out to Cart Multichannel Management Support for assistance with this workflow.

We can publish to Amazon, eBay, and Walmart even with the outbound settings from Cart Multichannel Management are off. 

Is there a way to move all of my available quantities to a specific Fulfillment Center with one-click or automatically?

There is not a way to shift all quantities from one Fulfillment Center to another automatically. You can choose to make the available quantity 0 on one Fulfillment Center and add to the “correct” Fulfillment Center with a single bulk update.

How do I manage my available quantities that are in the Amazon FBA Warehouse, Deliverr, or SKUVault?

We do have an active integration with all three of these services. The quantity feed will be sent to us automatically when the integrations are established within the Settings page. 

You will not be able to edit these specific quantities but you can add you personal/on-hand quantities by adding to an existing Fulfillment Center to the SKU in question.