VIDEO: Custom Mapping process for Product Imports

How you can establish custom mapping for your account so you can upload custom files to Marketplace Management.

Here at Marketplace Management, we can understand how many flat files you handle on a daily basis and how frustrating it can be trying to match the file exactly to what is required. Our Development Team has created a custom mapping tool that will take your file, with whatever column header names are provided, and help assign it to the field that you want. 

Once you establish the mappings once, you won't have to edit or change the mapping again. All of your future uploads will be taken care of!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upload any file type into the Product imports? 

At this time we do advise uploading only Excel worksheets into the Products Workspace. CSV files will not be accepted and will not process as you would expect. 

If your import is not processing or timing out, we suggest checking the file type first. 

Can I upload the same file within the Products or Listings workspace?

At this time this custom mappings feature is only available to Product Imports. This includes updating product-rich data and updating available quantities. 

If you're hoping to update the price or pricing strategy of your items, you will need to upload your price updates through a separate upload process. If you want to update prices you will want to upload them through the Listings Workspace.