Why are my prices and quantities not updating for ebay items with "Inventory-based listing management is not currently supported by this tool" errors and what should I do?

Request your listings be migrated to a compatible listing type or remove and then republish your listings using SellerActive.

If you currently use or used the eBay Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) or a 3rd party that uses ebay's Inventory API to create your listings, SellerActive will not be able to update those listings. Price and quantity updates will result in an error. SellerActive leverages ebay's more widely adopted Trading API and the ebay systems are incompatible.

You will get an error from SellerActive that looks similar to this on the Listings Workspace and SKU pane:

In order for SellerActive to successfully update these listings and manage your prices and inventory for these listings, you have two options.

Option 1: Delete the listings from ebay and republish the listings using SellerActive

If you have a small subset of listings impacted by this incompatibility, you may delete those listings and republish the listings using SellerActive. If you would like a walk through on this process, please email support@selleractive.com and a team member from the support or onboarding team will follow up. Here are videos of the publishing process as a reference.

Here are the suggested steps:

  1. The items should already exist under the Products Workspace and Listings Workspace in SellerActive. Find the listings in SellerActive and add any missing information which did not import into SellerActive for the ebay listings.
  2. Ensure you have downloaded and saved all relevant product information from ebay.
  3. Delete the listings from ebay.
  4. Ensure the correct categories are selected.
  5. If you have the products listed on multiple marketplaces, reach out to support@selleractive.com to request the ebay itemIDs be cleared from SellerActive and provide the exact list of SKUs. Please await confirmation before proceeding to the next step. If the item was only listed on ebay, you may proceed to the next step.
  6. Publish the listings. (If this is your first time publishing listings to ebay from SellerActive, ensure the appropriate settings are enabled to allow SellerActive to publish to ebay by first going to Settings > Integrations > ebay)
  7. Check for any errors and resolve before republishing again. If you receive an error you do not know how to resolve, please email support@selleractive.com with the SKUs and errors received.
  8. We recommend creating new listings directly on ebay or using SellerActive to publish new listings in order for SellerActive to update your listings' prices and quantities as expected.

Option 2: Request SellerActive submit a request to ebay on your behalf to migrate your listings to use the Trading API, which will allow SellerActive to successfully update your listings

If a significant number your ebay listings have this error and/or you do not want to delete and republish your listings, you may request to have all of your listings converted to the listing type (Trading API) that will allow SellerActive to successfully update your listings, however, it may impact some of your other tools or operations.

Here are important points to note prior to making this request:

  • Per ebay Support, converting the listings to the Trading API will not affect your listing info, rankings and orders.
  • Warning: Sending feeds through Inventory API or a file upload from Seller Hub (specifically the MIP platform) again will flip the migration to the listings and revert the changes (from Trading API objects to the Inventory API). Manage your eBay listings via Trading API or one of the approved methods only moving forward.
  • If you are using SellerActive only for price/repricing updates and a different software or method to update inventory, please ensure the other solution can update your inventory using the Trading API. If you update directly via ebay's API, we recommend you leverage the new Sell Feeds API.
  • ebay Upload tools are based on Trading API and can be used to upload your products using flat files (Excel) via the old (in MyEBay) or the new FileExchange (in Seller Hub) upload tool. 
  • We recommend creating new listings directly on ebay or using SellerActive to publish new listings in order for SellerActive to update your listings' prices and quantities as expected.

To Request the migration:

  • Email support@selleractive.com and request SellerActive to ask ebay Development Support on your behalf to convert all of your listings to the Trading API and provide your ebay userid or store name. The estimated turnaround time is about a business week or longer.
  • Once ebay Development Support has migrated your listings, you will receive an update from SellerActive to confirm your listings have been migrated. Price and/or quantity changes will update as expected from SellerActive to ebay.
  • SellerActive Support will then push a site wide quantity update for ebay.