ebay's new Business Policies - How to assign the policies within SellerActive

In order to list successfully to eBay through SellerActive, you will need to be opted into eBay’s new business policies. eBay has recently rolled out these business policies so your account might not be established with them yet. Assigning the policies within the eBay integration tile will set a default option for all of your future eBay listings and is critical for publishing success.

The policies you assign within the eBay integration tile impact all of your listings. You can adjust these on a SKU by SKU basis within the eBay portion of the SKUPane. 

How do I know is I am opted into these policies?

  1. Go to your eBay integration tile (Settings -> Integrations -> eBay)
  2. Near the bottom you should see a section called “eBay Listing settings”
    1. If you are not opted in it would appear like this:
    2. If you are opted in it would appear like this:

3. If you are NOT opted in then we do suggestion clicking the opt in link (highlighted in blue) this should take you to a new eBay “Business policies” page. Midway through the page you should see another link which should allow you to setup your shipping and account templates.

4. Create your templates on eBay’s side.

5. After about 30 minutes those templates will appear within the drop-down menu’s within SellerActive.

I keep getting errors for "Missing Location" or "Missing Payment Policy". How can these be fixed?

This means that you have not assigned the eBay policies to your default settings. If you establish these settings within the integration tile and re-publish those listings should publish successfully. You can also assign those strategies within the SKUPane for eBay.