How Marketplace Management and Deliverr work together

Marketplace Management has partnered with Deliverr, which is great news for sellers who want to bolster their multichannel efforts by using a fast fulfillment service. Here's how the two solutions work together.


SellerActive Deliverr Communication Process

Marketplace Management and Deliverr have a process to integrate your accounts. You will be able to establish the connection from Deliverr using your Seller ID and API Key. (Click here to find your API Key.)

Deliverr gathers SKUs from Marketplace Management's platform every hour and creates these items within your Deliverr account.

Deliverr will automatically import the SKUs you have within Marketplace Management. If you need to perform any SKU adjustments on your listings, you will want to do this prior to integrating with Deliverr, as you cannot delete SKUs out of Deliverr at this time.

When you are ready to ship your inventory over to Deliverr's warehouse, you will create an inbound shipment from within Deliverr's interface. This will create a Deliverr Location within Marketplace Management, and once your physical inventory reaches Deliverr's warehouse, Deliverr will send updated quantities to Marketplace Management.

Important things to note

  • Marketplace Management does not currently carry any "in-transit inventory" while items are headed to Deliverr's warehouse. Instead, Marketplace Management will display the quantity as 0 locally.
  • Pro tip: Create a warehouse location within Marketplace Management before you ship inventory to Deliverr. This will keep your on-hand inventory prioritized until Deliverr receives your inventory.
    • You can prioritize locations from within the Marketplace Management SKUPane.


    • If you do not have a location prior to Deliverr's location being created, the Deliverr location will be prioritized.
  • When your physical inventory reaches Deliverr, Deliverr will send Marketplace Management an updated quantity total, and Marketplace Management will then feed this quantity to the marketplace. The main way for quantity updates to reach the Marketplace Management system is via Orders that are placed on the marketplace.
  • Currently, there is no way to manually prompt a quantity update from Deliverr to Marketplace Management.



Once an order is placed for a SKU that has a Deliverr location, you will see the order locally within Marketplace Management. Deliverr will constantly check for new orders, and when an order is made, Deliverr will automatically grab this order from the Marketplace Management Order Manager.

When the order is shipped by Deliverr, they will send an update to Marketplace Management and then Marketplace Management will send a tracking update to the marketplace.

Fees and shipping costs are not currently sent to Marketplace Management for reporting purposes, but you will be able to track your fees within Deliverr directly.

Column mapping from Marketplace Management to Deliverr


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