How to assign pre-existing Tag's or remove Tag's from your Products

Manage your Tags in bulk using our Bulk Operation option!

Tags can be a useful tool when managing your catalog within Marketplace Management. If you have created Tags and assigned those Tags to your SKUs, you can easily add and remove them from your Products from within the Products Workspace (UI). 

If you have not created or assigned tags yet, this feature is not available as the Tag needs to exist in our system. Follow this guide on how to create tags in bulk. 

If you have a Tag that is not assigned to any SKU then it will be removed from the selectable options. 

How to assign/remove Tags:

  1. Go to your Products Workspace.
  2. Select the SKUs you want to add a Tag to.
  3. Using the Bulk Operations button, select whether you want to Add or Delete the Tags from the selected SKUs.
    1. If your SKU already has a Tag attached we will append a Tag and not remove the previously assigned Tag. This is not the case when you're assigning Tags with a file upload.