1. Product Workspace

How to View and Edit Quantities in SellerActive

Here's how to edit quantities within SellerActive's user interface, or via upload.

You can view prices and quantities for your items within SellerActive's two main workspaces for Listings and Products.

There are three separate columns that highlight your inventory totals:

  1. Quantity
  2.  FBA Quantity
  3. Total Quantity. (Please note: Total Quantity is only applicable if you have a SKU that has on-hand Quantity and Quantity within your FBA warehouse.)

The process for editing your quantity will depend on a number of factors: whether you have inventory within your FBA warehouse, whether you have multiple fulfillment centers for any given SKU, and which Workspace you are working in. You can adjust the quantity via upload at any time.

Adjust Quantities in SellerActive's User Interface

1) If your item has no fulfillment centers and you have 100% of the quantity on hand, you can click the Quantity column in the Product Workspace to make the appropriate adjustments.

2) If your item has FBA and on hand inventory, then you can open the SKU Pane to adjust the quantity that is not held at a fulfillment center.

3) If you are using SellerActive's Listings Workspace, regardless of how many fulfillment centers are on a given SKU, you will need to make the adjustment using the SKU Pane.

Adjust Quantities Via Upload

You can adjust the Quantity of an item at any time via file upload. We would suggest you confirm the formatting within Excel to “Number” but if the Quantity column header is within the upload, we will update the item in question.