Migrating from the Walmart-Marketplace Shopify app.

This article will guide you through migrating to SellerActive from the Walmart-Marketplace Shopify app.

Steps to Migrate:

  1. Install the SellerActive by Cart.com Shopify app here. This setup will guide you through the SellerActive free trial registration process and integrate Shopify to your new SellerActive account.
  2. During the setup you will be asked to configure your Shopify settings in SellerActive.Determine the best settings for your workflow. The typical setup will be to enable all settings. For assistance determining the best workflow for your business, review our options around Shopify Multi Location Inventory, contact SellerActive live chat, or email support@selleractive.com.
  3. Once your Shopify integration is complete, follow the in-app instructions to set up your Walmart Marketplace integration or follow the instructions here.
  4. The setup is now complete. You can explore other SellerActive features like product listing, automated repricing or integrating additional sales channels