How to set up Multiple User Accounts

How do I create additional user logins?

Each Marketplace Management account is set up with a primary account as the "Account Owner," which has access to all areas of the application and the ability to create additional users with general access. 

The distinction between an Account Owner and a General Access User is that the Owner can create additional users and access the store profile, whereas the General User cannot. We’re planning for additional permission features in the future.

Things to know:

  • Each account will now have exactly 1 account owner
  • Your current account will automatically be migrated to an account owner
  • An account owner can create up to 5 users for their account
  • Account owners can revoke access to the account for a user at any time from the user portal
  • New General User access only provides access to the existing account and does not create a "child account" in Marketplace Management.

How do I create additional users?

To create new users, go to Settings > Users and launch the User Creation window by clicking ‘Add General Access User’.

After filling in the user details, the user will be sent an email from (with the Subject Line "Your temporary Marketplace Management Password") with a link to log in with a temporary password and then prompted to set a new password.


Please Note:

Ensure you enter a valid email address when creating users. Invalid email addresses for user creation will result in the email from Marketplace Management bouncing and not deliver.

If your user does not receive the email, please verify the email address is entered correctly and have them check their email's spam folder before reaching out to Marketplace Management Support.