How can I establish multiple login's for my account?

To create additional users, please view the steps highlighted in this article here: How to set up multiple users


Can I allow for third party developers (via API) or outside team members to access my account?

We can create a "Developer account" for you and link it to your existing SellerActive account. This will allow them to utilize your specific API key for testing purposes. All we need is an email address to use for the secondary account and we can establish that for you.

What do I do if I have more then one of the same sales channel (e.g. 3 eBay stores, 2 Amazon stores, etc.)?

We can handle more then one of the same sales channel integration. We can setup new SellerActive accounts for you (free of charge) and allow for your quantities to be synced between your accounts. 

For more information, please review this article.