Setting up Repricing Strategies For BigCommerce

How to set up the Price Mirror from Amazon to mirror your prices on BigCommerce

Please note that there is an extra cost for using repricing strategies that is based on your tier. If you have further questions about this, please email


Repricing on BigCommerce is fairly straightforward. Unlike Amazon, where there are tons of competitors selling on the same item, BigCommerce does not have direct competitors that we can reprice against. There may be others selling the same items on their own websites, but they are individual sites where Amazon and eBay are actual Marketplaces.

For Big Commerce, we offer one pricing strategy called Price Mirroring. In this strategy, you are able to take a price from a marketplace like Amazon and mirror it to your Big Commerce site. This means that the price on Amazon and price on Big Commerce will match.

To get started, it is a very simple process to set up.

  • In the right hand navigation pane, Select tools and then Pricing Strategies.
    Settings Price strategies
  • You are now in the Pricing Strategies page where you will go to build pricing strategies for all of your marketplaces.
       Pricing Strategy page

  • Select Create then select Big Commerce from your options and then the next button.
Price Mirror

  • Now the select the channel from where you want to mirror.
  • Under the Optional setting, you can select to modify the price higher or lower than the mirrored marketplace.
  • Also under the Optional setting you can choose to convert the currency if you are mirroring from Amazon US to Amazon CA.

That is all there is to setting up your pricing strategy for BigCommerce. It is not required to set up a strategy, but could be useful in keeping prices between marketplaces closer in price.

All that’s left is adding the pricing strategy to your Big Commerce Items.

Once you have finished setting up the strategy and save it, you can now add the strategy to your Big Commerce items.

One word of caution here. If your BigCommerce SKU's do not match exactly the marketplace SKU's you are mirroring prices from then this strategy will not work.

  • In the Listings workspace, select the filter icon in the Channel Column and then select Big Commerce. (See image below)
  • Then use the select all check box in the right-hand corner of the grid.

Chennel Filter

  • Once all items have been selected ( if you click the check box in the upper right-hand corner, all items filtered for will be selected.)
  • Then select the More Button and Choose “Apply a Pricing Strategy

More button

  • Once your pricing strategies have been applied, you can now turn on the Export Prices in the outbound settings of the Big Commerce Integration.

Checking Price Changes

Price changes are tracked for 30 days or the first 100 changes.

To see your price changes for a marketplace, just select the sku from the Listing Workspace.


Once selelcted the SKUPane will open. From here, find the marketplace you want to see the price changes on and Select the History link.



Setting up Pricing strategies for Marketplaces (Amazon, ebay, Walmart)


If you are looking to set up Pricing strategies for other marketplaces, such as Amazon, ebay, and Walmart. You can visit our support site at

We also have a step by step walkthrough of pricing strategy set up at