VIDEO: Fulfillment Centers (General review)

Covering the basic definition, what "My Warehouse" is, and your first steps managing quantities.

Marketplace Management uses Fulfillment Centers in order to properly manage your Product's quantity. This video walks through some of the specifics of Fulfillment Centers. 

Here is more information regarding Fulfillment Centers and how to update quantities: 

How to update your quantities in bulk (article)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do my items have "My Warehouse" assigned to them?

"My Warehouse" is the default Fulfillment Center we put into place when the account is first created. Because we need to have every available quantity assigned to a Fulfillment Center, we have established a default Fulfillment Center prior to you integrating your sales channels. 

You can edit your default Fulfillment Center at any time and you can adjust quantity away from "My Warehouse" if this is not accurate. 

Do I need to create a Fulfillment Center if I have another service (Amazon FBA, Flexport, Inventory Source, SKUVault, etc.) updating my available quantities? 

You do not need to manually create Fulfillment Centers if you use another service to handle your quantities. If you use Amazon FBA, Deliver, or SKUVault we suggest integrating those integrations through our Integrations page (Settings -> Integrations). Once integrated, we those quantities will be sent to us automatically. 

Other services such as Inventory Source communicate with us via our open API. We do suggest using our Locations API to update quantities however you do not need to create the Fulfillment Center manually. 

Can I have the quantities from my sales channel updated in Marketplace Management?

By default, we will organically import your listings and quantities from the sales channel once your integration is established. If you do not turn on your "Outbound" settings within the integrations page, we will not send quantity updates to the sales channel and we will default to the quantity that is being imported. 

If you want a specific sales channel to continue updating Marketplace Management permanently in place of inputting quantities into Marketplace Management directly, please reach out to our Support Team to verify the settings are per your specifications.