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What are Maximum and Minimum inventory buffers?

You can use buffers to safely manage your inventory accounts, eliminate overselling, and restrict the available quantity shown on your marketplaces. In Marketplace Management, you have the ability to set buffers on an individual SKU level or you can set up an inventory-wide buffer.

For more information on how to apply these values, review this article. 

A Maximum Buffer (Max Visible) pushes the preset buffer quantity to the marketplace in place of your actual quantity.

  • i.e. If you have a quantity of 100 but you only want to show the marketplace a quantity of 5, you would set your maximum buffer to 5.

This is beneficial when:

  • You have a limit of how much quantity you are allowed to have on a given marketplace.
  • You want to show you have lower stock than what is actually in your inventory.


A Minimum Buffer (Min Threshold) is a preset buffer quantity that will ensure your inventory listing will be pulled from the marketplace when your quantity is below the established threshold. This buffer will still maintain an accurate quantity within Marketplace Management.

  • i.e. If you have a quantity of 100 but you want the listing to be pulled from the marketplace once you drop below 50, you would set your minimum buffer to 50.

This is beneficial when:

  • You want to set a quantity and make sure it does not oversell.
  • You want a benchmark for when to contact vendors for restocking.